5-star review for ‘Riven’

I am delighted to have received a second 5-star review below for my novel ‘Riven’. It is available on Amazon as a Kindle book.

“This is a spell binding, haunting tale. What would you do if your wife died in childbirth, leaving you to care for twin baby girls joined at the hip and shoulder? What if this trauma tumbled you into a nervous breakdown, recovering only to learn that a famous surgeon is eager to operate on the girls to separate them?

The year is 1849 and surgery is in its infancy, the operation has never been performed successfully, and anaesthesia is a hit and miss affair.

We meet Thomas Tait Genoa, as he is about to embark on a desperate flight around the West Country seeking sanctuary, not knowing whom he can trust. He disguises himself as a topographer travelling with horse and cart with the girls in the back. Mixed with the fear for his daughters’ future is an overwhelming appreciation of the countryside from an artist’s perspective, taking the reader on the journey with him.

He meets many interesting characters on the way: there are depictions of the casual brutality of country dwelling worthy of Zola.

The book is a wonderfully woven tapestry of information about early photography and historic painting methods: how the countryside was captured on paper by various means and devices, bringing the countryside to town dwellers.

There are many twists and turns before the book ends, finishing with a thrilling chase at the climax.

What will happen to father and babes? Read this book and all will be revealed.”

About Terence Sackett

I am a writer and designer. I live in Nether Stowey, which is on the borders of the Quantock hills. I am a committee member of the Friends of Coleridge, and wrote and designed the booklet/visitor guide for the National Trust’s Coleridge Cottage. I look after the website for the Friends (www.friendsofcoleridge.com). My novel about Siamese twins titled ‘Riven is now on Kindle. It can be read with a free downloaded Kindle app for an iPad, smartphone, tablet, or computer. The book is available from Amazon. What’s it about? Brief blurb below: It is the story of the Victorian painter Thomas Tait Genoa and his desperate flight through the West Country to save his conjoined twin daughters from the surgeon’s knife. This was before the era of anaesthetics. A 5-start bAmazon review: 'A masterpiece, truly deserving of the five star rating I have given it. The very human experience described so eloquently could not fail to tug at the heart of any parent who has ever gazed on a poorly child in the dark hours of the night and anguished over what to do for the best. This novel might be set in a very particular time and space but the heartfelt emotions of the protagonists are timeless, I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful work to anyone who has a heart.
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